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(c) Prof. Dr.Michael Stal Last Update on August 28th, 2012


I am currently working in the following areas:

  • Software Architecture: Patterns, Frameworks, Components, Services, Aspects, Models, Qualities, Architecture Assessment.
  • Software Engineering: Processes, Product Line Engineering, Roles, Analysis, Design, Refactoring, Unit Testing.
  • Object-Oriented Programming and other Paradigms: Java, C++, C#, Scala, Axum, D, Ruby, Microsoft .NET, Functional Programming.
  • Distributed and Web-based Computing: Clouds, SOA, Java EE, .NET, Classic Technologies (CORBA, Microsoft COM/COM+).
  • As a computer engineer and scientist I am with Siemens Corporate Technology for almost 18 years now. I switched from teal lead to an expert role as a Principal Engineer end of September 2009.

    My company SIEMENS AG is one of the most fascinating and largest companies world-wide developing high-tech products as diverse as medical imaging systems, trains, or nuclear power plants. Software is the key technology for these systems. If you like to join Siemens Corporate Technology or a Siemens group contact me anytime.

    I am professor for software engineering at the marvelleous University of Groningen.

    I am also editor-in-chief of JavaSPEKTRUM - a German magazine on Java, and mewmb er of the editorial-board of JOT (Journal of Object Technology). Recently Microsoft has appointed me MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for the sixth time.

    Click here for my small online CV.

    In my Siemens office you can reach me under:

    Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, Dept. CT RTC SAD, Otto-Hahn-Ring 6, D-81739 Munich, Germany.

    E-Mail: Michael.Stal[at]siemens.com





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