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(c) Prof. Dr.Michael Stal Last Update on August 28th, 2012


I was involved in three book projects on patterns:

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Vol. 1

[POSA1] Buschmann, Rohnert, Meunier, Sommerlad, Stal: Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture - A System of Patterns, 1996, Wiley and Sons.

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture Vol. 2

[POSA2] Schmidt, Stal, Rohnert, Buschmann: Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture, Vol. 2 - Patterns for Concurrent and Distributed Objects, 2000, Wiley and Sons.

Handbuch der Software Architektur

[SWHB] Reussner, Hasselbring (editors): Handbuch der Software Architektur, 2006, D.Punkt.

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